The Great Ridge

A walk from Castleton to Mam Tor across the length of The Great Ridge

It’s not very often you get to do a ridge walk as easy to follow as this one that still delivers on views and wonder. That, I think, is why Mam Tor made it to number 10 out of 100 in ITV’s Britain’s Favourite Walks, as voted for by the Great British Public.


Great Ridge.png

I like this route because it takes you away from the easier, more popular and direct route straight from Castleton to Hollins Cross and instead sends you on the scenic route through Hope and across Lose Hill, Back Tor, Hollins Cross, Mam Tor and Winnats Pass. The link to our route on ViewRanger and OS Maps can be found at the bottom of this post.

When you hit your first trig point on Lose Hill, The Great Ridge lies before you, separating the Vales of Edale and Castleton.


Made of layered shale and gritstone, the summit of Mam Tor (which means “mother hill”) has an unstable surface which has resulted in a multitude of ‘mini-hills’ beneath it on the east side due to frequent landslips. These cliffs have given Mam Tor its alternative name, the ‘Shivering Mountain’. It’s ringed by a fort dating back to the Bronze Age and the burial mound on the summit was getting so eroded that the National Trust has completely covered it with cobblestones.

If you’re lucky, you too can be as awestruck as I was by what I saw at the trig point on Mam Tor.


If you’d like to follow our route, we’ve made it free and accessible via ViewRanger and OS Maps.


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