Adventure & Tech

This idea that technology is bad, that GPS is cheating, that outdoors aides make you less of an outdoorsy type – these ideas need to die. They’re steeped in the past, they’re unhelpful and they don’t encourage anybody to discover our beautiful outdoor spaces.

Adventure & Worry

Or: How to do a long walk, which is quite a scary thing to do when you (over)think about it.

How Much Fun Are You Having in the UK’s National Parks?

It’s a glorious day, you didn’t need your waterproofs, Yaktrax, walking poles, rucksack or water reservoir for this little day trip into your local National Park. You even know the route well. Everybody you’re with is cracking their best jokes and laughing. You never want this to end! Congratulations, you’re having some Type I fun!

A Beginner’s Guide to Hill Walking

Hot on the heels of our moderately successful post ‘Hill Walking: A Manifesto for Londoners’, we’re proud to bring you ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Hill Walking’.