A Beginner’s Guide to Hill Walking

Hot on the heels of our moderately successful post ‘Hill Walking: A Manifesto for Londoners’, we’re proud to bring you ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Hill Walking’.

The Dragon’s Back

In a quiet distant corner of the Dove Valley, a dragon has lain sleeping for millions of years.

Hill Walking: A Manifesto for Londoners

I own a tweed blazer and a flat cap, and my idea of ‘smart casual’ is essentially looking like a Geography teacher who discovered Timberland chukka boots.

Longshaw Estate

A leisurely bimble through the beautiful Longshaw Estate.

Kinder Downfall

If you’ve never walked through clouds on top of a hill before, let me be the first to tell you that they’re not fluffy. It’s a little bit like walking through sandpaper made from ice crystals that are being pelted at your face by gale-force winds.

The Cheshire Matterhorn

Living in Nottingham, it’s easy to forget that not all of the Peak District is “basically 45 minutes away”.

Sunset at Higger Tor

Despite the gloom, rain and wind that had been over the Peaks all day, we made a pit stop at Higger Tor to watch the sun go down.